Ann Liu

Artist & Designer

Ann Liu is a Chinese-American, multi-media artist based in San Francisco, California. She is a self-taught painter, designer, and digital illustrator. Her desire to explore new mediums has led to her recent studies of fashion fabrication and new media. Ann has a personal interest in exploring the divine feminine and the various realms of consciousness.

My work is derived from primarily surreal and contemporary influences. I seek to create life and generate emotion through my work, and want people to feel as I feel when I create — hopeful, young, and alive. I am deeply passionate about female empowerment, and believe there are formidable goddesses within all womxn. My work thus far focuses on figuratively realizing that ethereal magic, and creating artwork with an inspirational message.

I explore hybridity through my work by solidifying the imaginary world in my mind into real, tangible elements and imagery that viewers can relate to, yet interpret however they may. I compare the impact of technology and other modern areas of thought in contrast to systems such as religion and astrology. My work captures the resurgence of spiritualism, divination, and magic occurring today, even in the chaos of today’s modern age.